Becoming An Affiliate

Becoming an Online Casino Affiliate can be very easy, however there are some challenges if you plan to become an affiliate and make a living off of it. One of the challenges now is the competition, basically your site has to appeal to players of all ages and to most countries, your information has to be accurate & correct and you’ll need to stay informed.

A lot of avid gamblers like to take on casino affiliate programs because they have strong knowledge of the gambling scene. This is a great idea especially for players who have been playing at online casinos for some time. Why is this important? Because players will want to take advice and learn new things from someone who was in their position. Sometimes there are bonuses & promotions out there that offer such strict requirements the player is just better off playing straight without a bonus & this is where a knowledgeable affiliate comes in handy. Another great thing about being a player turned affiliate is that they will know which casinos truly are the best because they’ve tested out the games first hand, they’ve cashed out & they’ve used the customer service at the casinos they are promoting.

After you’ve decided you want to become an affiliate and have gained some industry knowledge, an affiliate might want to either have some concept of design or hire someone who already knows how to design a marketable site. Some sites may look perfect but will lack the information needed to be picked up by the search engines. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is one of the key ingredients to having a successful site. Google is the search engine most use to find the casino they will soon be playing at. Basically an affiliate will need to find some key words that they want to market based off of. It sounds easy but this is one of the challenges, common keywords such as ‘online casinos’ have a huge competition rate so it will be harder to get a top spot in the search engines using it at first. For some, it can take months or even years to slide to number one on Google.

Another area where an affiliate can do it themselves or hire someone is for content. This is important because when Google is crawling the web for sites to list in the search rankings, you’ll want to be at the top. Tons of content with strong key words are what makes a site show up sooner than others. Some sites play off of rarely searched key words but make it to the number 1 spot this can work as an advantage for some however it depends on how rare those keywords really are. Affiliates can find content writers all over the internet who offer their service with a huge range of prices, some are very cheap and do great work others cost a little bit more and do outstanding work. Content writers usually charge by the amount of words in the article they are writing for you. Without writing the content yourself you do run into a couple of risks. You don’t want your content to be close to anyone else’s on the internet if this happens Google can mark it as a bad site and pass you up completely, also you want the information on your site to be accurate it’s important that the content writer has a good reputation for quality work so that you aren’t misleading your players.

After you’ve built up a site and added content, you’ll want to find some casinos to promote. Most online casinos offer an affiliate program, but not all of them pay out as well so it’s important to shop around, also like I said before being a player turned affiliate has an advantage because you can get a pretty good idea of how fast your affiliate pay out will be based on how fast you were paid out as a player this works the same with customer service. You never want to market a site that wasn’t appealing to you or that you weren’t satisfied this won’t help your reputation which is another key to being successful as a casino affiliate!

Now lets get into the tools you will need, and we will get you on your way to becoming a successful online casino affiliate.

You will need the following:

Web Hosting:

If you have not yet done so, you will need to find a web host to host your website.