Choose a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is a big deal. It can in some cases, be a very perminent and life long commitment. The domain name for any website is very important because this is what will get people back to the site. Even if your site is amazing if the person forgets to save it to their favorites & the name doesn’t come to mind easily, it will be harder to find again leading the person to search over again and find someone else’s site. There are many factors that go into choosing a domain name at first, after deciding to build a site, one of the best things to do is think of 5 words that represent what your site is all about. From there, you’ll want to play with the words a little bit of course, most domains don’t have 5 words in them so you’ll want to mix & match adding in prefixes & suffixes to create a phrase.

Another thing to take into consideration and to stay away from is popular website names, you don’t want your site name confused with anyone else’s this is due to the fact that you don’t want that other site to get all of your traffic. Sites can be easily confused when a person uses a popular website’s name & just puts a hyphen or spells the name differently so you’ll want to stay away from those kinds of things. Unless of course, your site has something to do directly with the popular site, then a prefix or suffix would do just fine.

For the most part, people don’t want to have to type a long domain name that has numbers & characters or hyphens some letters you may want to avoid if possible, q z x c & p these statistically have shown to be more difficult to type. On purpose misspellings within the domain name are also a big no-no. This is because you don’t want your visitors to have to think very hard to remember your domain name especially when it’s just because you had to spell it wrong on purpose. Names that are easy to remember also thrive tremendously, flickr, yahoo, google, facebook, all very easy names to remember.

Keep it short & simple, so out of those 5 words you really only want to pick 1 or 2 with a prefix or suffix to keep the name really short & easy but also make sure that the name describes what kind of site you’re offering. When you tell a person the name of your site they should be able to connect automatically what kind of site it is & what they’ll find there with little to no explanation to what the site is really all about. is a great example, it doesn’t take much thought to understand that here you’ll find casino wordpress themes. You can also go with the route that google & yahoo took, they were very successful because they offered a service better than anyone else could possibly ever offer. So when it comes to casinos it is better to have a name that represents what kind of casinos you will be offering.

There are many trends out there that have been profitable but for only short periods of time, the trend dies off and the names are once again, harder to remember & a domain name isn’t something temporary if the site does well, you’ll never want to change your name however once someone else comes along with a name almost exactly the same and has a bad reputation it could hurt things for your brand because people might assume association. So, casino WP themes gives you a few tips, keep it short, make it memorable, go with a .com and make sure that it screams what the site is all about. These types will help you thrive in the internet world.

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